The world is full of mysteries. God created the world with a higher purpose. There is a meaning to everything in nature. The animals we observe, the dreams we watch, and the numbers we see around us all are symbolic and have a connection with spirituality.

I studied the major religions in the world as well and I read about mysticism, spirituality, religious scriptures, history, culture, civilizations, mythology, and traditions. the reflection of nature on the culture is huge. All civilization uses symbols, and see the natural animals as the symbol of their spirituality, strength, and power. There is a meaning to every animal, number, and dream.

The wise and mystic saints know the hidden meaning of the world that we do not know. it is said that God created everything for the benefit of human beings. Understanding and unfolding the meaning of nature make the world easygoing for us.

Symbols foretell us about our future life. if we understand them and lead our lives in the right direction. we can achieve big in this world and hereafter.

I created this blog to demystify natural beauty, symbols, and numbers that we see around nature. I will unfold the very meaning of the animals, angel numbers, and dream interpretation that normal people did not think of and are aware of. I am very committed to giving my audience new insight, and a deep understanding of nature and life that is unavailable in the web world.

As I read nature, culture, civilization, history, mythology, mysticism, and religious scriptures, I can produce better content with the amalgamation of my previous experience and study. Other than that, I am a spiritual person, so I thought about everything deeply. Most of my interpretations are spiritually correct.

The mission of

The mission statement of is, “To demystify the animals of nature and make our world more understandable.”

The vision of

The ultimate vision of is, “Creating harmony among nature, culture and Spirituality”. By demystifying the world, To be nearer to the creator.

Founder and Writer

Abu Bakar Siddique

Graduate from the University of Dhaka

Poet, Mystic, and Philosopher

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