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Dog Symbolism in Culture, Religion & Dream [+Spirit, Totem, Omen]

Human’s best companions, dogs, symbolize vigilance, courage, and loyalty. Their behavior and devotion to their owners prove them to be ideal partners for life. However, not all the activities of dogs will bring positivity to your soul. Some are an indication of fortune, while some are warning of impending dangers and heartbreak. Knowing what means can prepare you better for the future.

Want to know everything about dog symbolism and its spiritual meaning in your life? Keep reading this article till the end, and you will find out.

Dog Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning at A Glance

Take a quick look at what a dog means in different contexts of life.

Dog symbolism inMeaning
Native American culture– Companion 
– Loyalty and protection
– Strength 
Eastern cultureBearer of fortune 
– Guardianship – Devotion 
– Purity and loyalty 
Celtic culture– Courage
– Honor, and loyalty 
– Ferocity
African culture– Dark spirit 
– Nobility 
– Relationship 
Mesopotamian culture– Healing
– Protection 
– Zeal 
Christianity – Brutality and thievery
– Faithfulness 
– Self-healing 
Islam– Impurity 
– Companion 
– Devil
Dream – Unkindness 
– Confidence
– Conflict with loved ones 
– Parental instinct 
– Anxiety 
– Upcoming festivals
– Emotionally drained 
– Unhealthy relationship 
OmenPositivity in life 
– Death and darkness
– Evil spirits
– Impending nearby death 
Spirit Animal– Guide to prosperity 
– Confidence and good qualities 
– Love and devotion 
– Evil 
Totem animal– Faithfulness
– Protection
– Respect

Take a look at a detailed explanation of what dogs mean in different aspects of life. 

Dog symbolism in native American culture: Companionship, Loyalty, and Strength

Dogs were used as guides and companions for hunting. They guarded the camps of the Aboriginals as well. For this reason, in native American culture, dogs are perceived as a symbol of companionship. Their loyalty and devotion made them close to every one of the tribes. This is why they saw dogs as a symbol of loyalty as well. 

The wild canine of native Americans was ferocious. This is why they are associated with courage and vitality. Mainly for these factors, dogs are usually clan animals to symbolize their strength. 

Dog symbolism in Eastern culture: Fortune, Purity, and Devotion

Dogs are both good and bad in Eastern culture. In China and Japan, dogs are a symbol of good fortune. Chinese sees dogs as a symbol of guardianship because they can protect everything with strong efficiency. 

In Japan, dogs are seen as a symbol of devotion because of their humble attitude. You probably heard the story of Hachikō or at least seen the movie “Hachi”. That should tell you about their loyalty and devotion toward their owner. 

Dogs are also seen as a symbol of purity as well. This is why the national symbol of North Korea is a Pungsan dog. This also makes the dogs a symbol of nationality.

Dog symbolism in Celtic culture: Bravery, Strength, and Honor

In Celtic cultures, dogs are seen as strong, courageous animals. This is why dogs were the symbol of bravery to the Celts.

These brave animals accompanied the Celts on their voyage of war and adventures. This is why they were thought to be the symbol of loyalty as well. The combination of loyalty and courage made them a sign of honor. 

Mainly for these reasons, the best warriors of the Celts were compared to dogs. In other words, dogs are a symbol of warriors as well. This, in turn, makes them a sign of ferocity in Celtic culture.

Dog symbolism in African culture: Dark Spirit, Nobility, and Relationship

The overall African culture sees dogs as a symbol of the dark side of human psychology. Dogs are thought to be the animalistic and irrational part of the human psyche. 

However, ancient Egypt regarded dogs with honor. Egyptian art shows dogs following their owners to the tomb. This depiction means the dogs will receive the same treatment as their noble owner. Moreover, the God Anubis has the face of a dog. This clearly portrays the position of the canine in African culture. However, as Anubis is the God of death, dogs are also a symbol of the end. 

Dogs are also a symbol of a strong, profound relationship. The dogs in ancient Egyptian art are seen wearing collars. This mainly represents the strong relationship these dogs have with their owners.

Dog symbolism in Mesopotamian culture: Healing, Protection, and Zeal

Mesopotamians believed in the healing power of dogs. They thought the soul of dogs is the protector of the people. This is why they sacrificed dogs and preserved their bones. Reason of their belief in dogs’ healing power and guardianship, these animals are symbols of cure and protection.

Dogs are also seen as a symbol of zeal for their occasional eccentric behavior. 

Dog symbolism in Christianity: Thievery, Brutality, and Obedience

Christianity doesn’t hold dogs in as high regard as other cultures. This religion sees dogs as a symbol of thievery and bestiality. It is mainly for their bad reputation for stealing meat.

However, dogs are seen as a symbol of faithfulness as well. In the Bible, dogs are loyal and obedient to their owner.  

Most importantly, dogs are a symbol of self-healing in Christianity. The Bible has an account of dogs healing their own wounds just by licking them. This is a teaching that everyone should try to solve their own problems and overcome all their difficulties alone. 

Dog symbolism in Islam: Devil, Impurity, and Companionship

Islam sees dogs as a symbol of impurity. According to Islamic culture, angels don’t enter a house where there is a dog. In addition, dogs are also seen as a symbol of evil. Especially the black dogs are seen as an embodiment of the devil in Islam. In 3210 of Sunan Ibn Majah, Muhammad (PBUH) says all the black dogs are a devil. 

However, dogs are also a symbol of companionship in Islam. This is true only when the dog stays out of the house. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) says to keep a dog only for “herding livestock or a dog for hunting” (Muslim; 2943)

Dog symbolism in Dream: Distressed Mental Stage, Conflicts, and Impending Dangers 

Dreaming of different kinds of dogs in different situations reveals personality traits and sometimes indicates upcoming events. 

If you have a dream of a dog biting you, it directs to the idea of unkindness. It means someone who is close to you is rude or very degrading. This can also mean betrayal. You either feel betrayed or will be betrayed by someone you trust. Seeing a dog attacking you can also be a reminder of the inner conflict you are silently struggling with. The dream is an invitation to resolve that issue.

Seeing dead dogs in dreams means you will soon be in conflict with a loved one. The impending chaos will bring bitterness and will result in pain. Utilize this warning and try to avoid all kinds of fights.

Dreaming of puppies means your parental instinct is at its top. If you have been planning to have kids, now is the right time. However, seeing puppies in dreams also means there is a needy, impulsive, and childish person in your life, and you need to deal with them properly.

Having dreams of being chased by dogs is very common. Sigmund Freud terms these types of dreams Anxiety Dreams. It means you are anxious about particular aspects of your life. This type of dream is likely to mean that you are running away from something in your life. You are probably struggling to stay devoted to someone. Unresolved emotions and heavy responsibilities can also bring this kind of dream into your sleep. 

In contrast to this, dreaming of happy, smiling dogs is a reflection of your jolly soul. However, if you are not feeling happy inside but still see this dream, it means the upcoming days are going to cheer you up. There will be colorful social festivals for you. The joyous social gathering will improve your social life by offering you, new friends. 

As you already know, dogs are a symbol of loyalty and friendship. If you dream about killing a dog, it means you are in a difficult relationship. Your partner or friend will probably betray you or bother you with unnecessary stress. It can also mean that your loved ones are hiding something from you. In this sense, having a dream where you are killing a dog is a warning. It’s telling you to watch out for danger. Not everyone you consider a friend is going to be supportive. Some may bring your downfall. 

Lastly, lost dogs in dreams indicate your emotionally drained mental state. You probably lack confidence or feel like something heavy is taking over everything. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Feel free to take some time out of your regular routine and work on your mental health. Everything should be fine with time. 

Dog as Omen: Positivity, Death, and Evil Spirit

Dogs are an omen of positivity in life. However, in direct contrast to this, dogs are also an omen of death and the darkness of life. According to popular belief, dogs hold evil spirits. 

If a dog is following you without the bad intention of hurting you, it means something positive is about to enter your life. But if you see or hear a dog howling or crying nearby, it’s a bad omen. It means someone is about to die, or an evil spirit is about to ascend the area. 

Dog as Spirit Animal: Prosperity, Confidence, Love, and Evil

Dogs are blissful spirit animals. They are the guides to prosperity. Husky spirit animals remind us that the journey is more important than the destination. This basically means if your spirit animal is Husky, it is very likely that you will progress slowly but efficiently.

In addition, having dogs as spirit animals means your life will be full of good qualities. Knowledge, skills, and patience will manifest as you continue your life journey.

Finally, having a white dog as a spirit animal means your life is full of confidence, devotion, and love. However, the black dog spirit animal indicates the lurking evil within you.

Dog as Totem Animal: Trust, Protection, and Respect

If your totem animal is a dog, it means you are a faithful individual. Your life too will be surrounded by faithful companions who will protect you and respect you. 

Key Takeaways 

Dogs are signs of loyalty, respect, and companionship. However, sometimes they can mean something terrible for you as well. If you get a hunch that something is coming your way, here are a few things you can do to stay alert.

  • Don’t hurt dogs
  • Never try to stop a dog from barking or crying
  • Don’t shoo away a howling dog
  • Try to behave with dogs in a friendly way
  • Don’t leave your pet dog in the middle of nowhere
  • Take care of your canine pet properly

In conclusion, you have to maintain good behavior with dogs. This way, you will stay free from their bad influence, but their good qualities will manifest in you. Dogs’ loyalty and companionship can prove to be valuable assets in your life. So don’t ignore any sign your dogs may bring to you. 


Do dogs have human souls?

Dogs do have souls, but it’s not the “human soul”. But their soul is very similar to that of humans. This is why dogs are man’s best friend.

Which is the most spiritual dog breed?

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is considered the most spiritual dog breed. The reason is their profound companionship. They are also sweet and playful, which is a reflection of their joyous soul. 

Can dogs sense evil?

Dogs have a strong sense. This is true not only in terms of smell but in other senses as well. This strong sensory ability allows a dog to detect nearby evils.

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